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10 Best Hotshots Web Series of All Time, Cast, Download links, Watch Online Free

In today’s time, Indian entertainment has greatly strengthened its hold in the digital sector, due to which the Indian entertainment industry is at its peak at present. In today’s time, many online platforms have come where every day you get to see many web series and movies. You can watch them online while sitting at home. One of these online platforms is the Hotshots platform which is very popular among the audience. This platform provides web series with very good content to its viewers from time to time. And it is a matter of happiness that the audience likes to watch the Hotshots web series very much.

Hotshots came into the limelight when its owner Raj Kundra was arrested for promoting explicit content on the platform. Despite this, Hotshots Original has become a popular online platform in which you can watch different types of web series.

So today in this article we have brought for you the top 10 Best Hotshots web series which is very much liked by the audience and are the most popular. You can watch them online in Hotshots.

New Hotshots Web Series List, Cast, Photos

Hotshots has consistently provided its viewers with excellent web series content from time to time, which has been greatly appreciated by the audience. Today, we are going to present the latest Hotshots web series List in this article, as follows: –

#1 Paying Guest Web Series Cast, Plot

Paying Guest Web Series

Paying Guest is an Indian 18+ Hotshots webseries. This web series was released in 2020. When this Hotshots came on the platform, then the audience gave it a lot of love.

If we talk about the Paying Guest Hotshots web series Cast, then actors like Priyanka Upadhyay, Sharanya Jit Kaur, Mohit Gautam, Gayatri Phulwani, and Priya Murthy have played important roles in it.

In this web series, there is a character named Rajat, whose mother’s friend has a super attractive sister named Riya. Riya is looking for a place to stay, and Rajat’s mother offers her to become a paying guest at their house. However, Rajat becomes upset upon seeing Riya, and when he finds himself alone at home, he invites his girlfriend over. Later, Riya notices Rajat’s distress and he opens up to her, sharing his entire story. In turn, Riya offers to give Rajat advice on how to be more intimate with a woman. To find out what happens next in the story, you can watch this web series online. 

#2 Intercourse 2 Hotshots Web Series, Cast, Storyline, Wiki

Intercourse Web Series

Intercourse-2 web series is an adult web series that was also released in 2020. Viewers had given a lot of love to this web series, after which its next part was also released. You can watch this web series online in Hotshots.

If we talk about the cast of this web series, then actors like Rohit, Pooja Joshi, Ashwini, Veer, Dilip, and Naagraj have played important roles in it.

The story of this web series is the story of an ordinary girl who falls in love with a boy on an online dating site. As the story of this Hotshots web series nude progresses, it becomes very funny and adult. So if you want to enjoy this web series, then quickly watch the web series online.

 #3 Instinct Hotshots Web Series Plot, Cast

Instinct Hotshots Web Series

As we know, at present there are a lot of subscribers to Hotshots. Because everyone likes to see its content. The result of this is that Hotshots keeps on releasing new web series from time to time for its viewers. One of these web series was Instinct which was released in the year 2020. Priyanka Upadhyay, and Gaurav Singh both have played leading roles in this web series.

The story of this web series is the story of twin sisters named Priya and Seema. Seema lives as a paying guest in Mumbai with her sister. One day Seema goes missing from home. Priya tries almost all the methods to find her sister Seema but she does not get success.

As time passes, Priya feels that many strange incidents are happening with her. So does Priya find her sister Seema or not? To know this, stream this Instinct Hotshots Web Series watch online now.

#4 Double-Trouble Hotshots Web Series Cast, Plot

Double-Trouble Hotshots Web Series

Double Trouble is a Hindi Hotshots web series, with an incredibly engaging storyline that keeps the audience hooked till the end. The Hotshots online platform has always been known for its excellent content, and it has consistently provided viewers with numerous captivating web series, contributing to its increasing popularity day by day.

Speaking of the cast of the Double Trouble web series, Aritaa Paul, Akanksha Sharma, and Dev Rathor have delivered their best performances in it. The plot revolves around a frustrated employee named Kush, who is in his early twenties and has grown weary of his job. Throughout his day, he finds solace in daydreaming about his co-workers, Shikha and Nisha.

At one point in the story, Kush stumbles upon Nisha and Shikha engaging in intimate activities in an empty conference room. Seizing this opportunity, Kush approaches Nisha and coerces her into having sex with him, threatening to expose their escapade to HR if she refuses. Shikha, though reluctant, agrees to the proposition but suggests that it will only happen if Nisha also agrees to a threesome.

To uncover the full story and how it unfolds, you can watch this web series on the Hotshots platform.

#5 Sparsh Web Series Cast, Plot

Sparsh Web Series

Sparsh is a Hindi Hotshots web series that was released in 2020. It was given a lot of love by the audience. Because people liked its story very much. This was the reason that when this web series was released online, then its popularity also increased a lot.

If we talk about its cast, then in this web series Aritaa Paul, Sameer Chowdhary, Kunal Gill, Tanya Chandra, Neha Sharad, etc. actors have performed brilliant performances.

The story of this web series revolves around a married woman. This woman’s husband stays out of town most of the time because of his business. That’s why a woman wants to provide sexual satisfaction to herself. His search ends with his brother-in-law. The twist in the story comes when her husband returns home after some time. To know the complete story, watch it online now on the Hotshots platform.

#6 Hunger Hotshots Web Series, Cast and Plot

Hunger Hotshots Web Series

Hunger is an Indian 18+ Hotshots web series. Its story keeps the audience engaged with this web series till the end. This is the reason that this web series is very popular among viewers.

In this web series Saumya Singh, Vishal Kumar, and M.D. Sagir has played his important roles.

The story of this web series is the story of a disgruntled woman who has not been able to get along with her husband for a year. Because her husband is not able to give complete sexual satisfaction to that woman. After this, in the story, that woman gets true love from a new man. To know the complete story, you can stream this web series online in Hotshots.

#7 The Typewriter Adult Web Series, Storyline, Cast, and Wiki

Hunger Hotshots Web Series

The Typewriter is an adult and hot web series which is very popular in India. When its trailer was launched, it went viral on social media within a few hours.

Nehal Vadoliya, Shikha Sinha, and Prince presented their brilliant performances in this web series.

If we talk about its story, then its entire story revolves around the character named Maya. Maya is an award-winning writer.

#8 Skin Hotshots Web Series Storyline, Cast, Wiki 

Skin Hotshots Web Series

Are you interested to watch the Hotshots web series actresses? If yes then you can watch the Skin web series which is an adult web series. Today, the Hotshots platform is slowly becoming more and more popular, so it releases a lot of web series in a week for its viewers.

Skin is also a romantic web series that was very much liked by people. It was released in 2020.

In the story of this web series, we are told that whether you are single and looking for a partner for yourself or a couple and looking for some excitement, you will never want to spend your holidays alone.

#9 Confession Hotshots Web Series Plot, Cast, and Wiki

Confession is a Hindi Thriller and Suspense web series which was released in 2020 on the Hotshots platform. Its story was very popular among the audience. This was the reason that this web series was the most-watched web series of that time.

Simran Kaur and Karan Singh have played important roles in this series. If we talk about the story of this web series, then it revolves around a woman who confesses to a crime that she has not even committed. Its story is a story of true lies and justice.

#10 Blind Date II Web Series Plot, Cast, and Wiki

Blind Date Hotshots Web Series

Blind Date-II is an Indian adult web series that got a lot of love from people. This blind date web series was released in 2020. Due to the success of its first part, Hotshots Creators released its sequel Blind Date-II.

Pallavi, Taufiq, and Riya have played important roles in this web series.

If we talk about the story of this web series, then its story is of a girl who is alone. He doesn’t have anyone to talk to nor does he have anyone’s phone number that he can call. That’s why she creates her account on a dating app where she meets a boy. They both are unknown to each other but go on a blind date with mutual consent. Both meet on a blind date and become intimate with each other.

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