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Top Red Light Area in Raipur List, Price and Number

As we all know, in today’s time, red-light areas can be found in every corner of every city in India. The reason for this is that many single individuals or those unhappy with their partners seek to fulfill their desires with sex workers employed in these areas. This demand has led to the presence of numerous red-light areas, big and small, in various locations. In this article, we will focus on the top Red Light Area in Raipur.

We will provide you with contact numbers and rates for these areas, along with comprehensive information about the sex workers who operate there. We aim to give you a complete understanding of the rates charged and the services offered by the sex workers in this area. Raipur Red Light Area Kahan Hai Jante hai.

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NameRatesMobile Number
MinakshiRs. 450 Per Hour989910**32
SushmaRs. 350 Per Hour997143**51
RaveenaRs. 550 Per Hour987172**43
MeghaRs. 450 Per Hour989999**34
PallaviRs. 450 Per Hour838073**67
MeghanaRs. 650 Per Hour758096**65
varshaRs. 850 Per Hour989912**52
NidhiRs. 350 Per Hour808173**67
ChampaRs. 550 Per Hour999874**43
RupaRs. 450 Per Hour999991**33
KajalRs. 450 Per Hour737572**51
ShivaniRs. 750 Per Hour939182**67
AnjaliRs. 650 Per Hour989932**80
KomalRs. 350 Per Hour989891**56
KalamaRs. 650 Per Hour838001**71
MunniRs. 650 Per Hour992343**34
GeetaRs. 750 Per Hour988871**54
PragatiRs. 450 Per Hour929376**81
AnjanaRs. 350 Per Hour837692**02

#1 Shiv Nagar: Raipur Red Light Area Tradition and Modernity

Shiv Nagar in Raipur is a city known for its unique blend of modernity and tradition. Apart from its fame for this mix, the city is also recognized for its red-light area, where sex workers operate during the night. This region boasts a rich history and has been a hub of commercial activities since its establishment. Many tourists visit this area to experience its vibrant atmosphere and take in the sights it has to offer.

#2 Ganga Jamuna: Red Light Area in Raipur Paradise of Sexual Pleasure

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Ganga Jamuna is another popular city in Raipur known for its cultural diversity. In addition to this, the city is also recognized for its red-light area, where many men fulfill their sexual desires during the night. For those seeking to fulfill their sexual needs, this place is considered nothing less than a paradise. The city also offers various amenities, contributing to a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

#3 Kinnar Kotha: Next Level Red Light Area in Raipur For Fun

Kinnar Kotha, a red light area in Raipur known for its uniqueness. This area is known for its inclusive environment. The needs of most transgender people are catered to in this sector. These areas are usually a symbol of acceptance and support where the transgender community is provided with work and a safe space.

red light area in raipur

#4 Meena Bazaar: A Historical Area

Meena Bazaar was once a bustling area where there used to be a huge market. But at present this area comes under the count of Raipur Red Light. This area has a history of its own, but with time, this area turned into an area. But this area is still known for its cultural importance.

#5 Rajwada: known for its royalty

Rajwada is a red light area. But despite being a red-light area, this area is known for royal houses. People who want to fulfill their sexual desires often come to this Raipur Red Light Area and feel a unique experience by fulfilling their desires.

#6 Chhattisgarhi Gali: A Traditional Area

Chhattisgarhi Gali is such an area of Raipur which has always been following its culture and traditions. Apart from this, this area turns into a red light area during the night. 

#7 Naya Raipur: A Modern Metropolis City

Naya Raipur is a modern metropolis known for its recreational activities. This area is an urban city where Market Baghera is present and on the other hand, this area is also known for its unknown red light area.

#8 Geetanjali Nagar: A City of Art and Expression

Geetanjali Nagar is a red light area in Raipur which is famous for its art. Many tourists come here to see this art.

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