Hot Ullu Web Series

Hot Ullu Web Series List

Hello guys today many sexy web series have come and all these are available on ott platform like Ullu, Alt Balaji, MX Player, today I will tell you about 10 such web series which are very interesting and will be fun to watch.

There are many OTT platforms on which you can watch hot web series videos like Ullu, Alt Balaji etc. Where you can watch bold and hot web series having amazing storyline which can match your fantasies and sexual desires.

So if you want to watch non-veg or adult web series then you can watch on all these platforms it is mainly popular for its amazing bold and gorgeous web series actresses. All these apps have different types of content that is why it has all kinds of hot web series which never fails to entertain you.

Why Ullu Web Series Famous

Today there are many ott platforms on which different types of hot web series are available which have amazing storyline which can match your fantasies and sexual desires. If you are fond of adult web series then you have a lot of webseries on Ullu which are very attractive and hot. Which never fails to entertain you.

Ullu Web Series Storyline

Here we mention the story of these Hot Ullu Web Series that will help you to know how hot and sexy these web series are so you must definitely read to see how interesting they are. They all have great storyline and never let you down when it comes to hot new web series.

Charmsukh: Jane Anjane Mein

This is a wonderful story as it has a story of daughter in law and father in law. Jane Anjane Mein hot web series which will give you a lot of fun in which a couple lives in a city. They go to their village for holidays. Then the father-in-law falls in love with the daughter-in-law and enters into physical contact.

Hot Web Series List

Palang Tod Caretaker

In this webseries you will get to see how an old man and he is sick, his son hires an erotic physiotherapist to take care of him. A glimpse of married son’s erotic act with this ‘caretaker’ fulfills father’s desires. Shakes and keeps. What will be the journey of this passion?

Palang Tod Ullu Web Series

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Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife

Talking about the story of Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 The Housewife Ullu web series, there is an open-minded girl, who works as a maid in the house of a person working in the film industry, but after some time her boss Ko falls in love with the girl and they both get married. But one day he finds his wife in an objectionable position with a non-man, now to know what is going to happen after this you must watch this webseries it will give you a thrilling fun.

Prabha Ki Diary The Housewife Hot Web Series

Riti Riwaj

One of the most anticipated erotic web series, Rituals, focuses on the sexual desires of a woman, something which is never discussed openly in our society. This web series shows how water scarcity is still affecting rural areas and how a man is fulfilling his sexual desires by marrying multiple times. However, he is unable to satisfy one of his wife’s sexual needs, and he does not know how far she will go to do so.

Riti Riwaj Hot Ullu Web Series

Virgin Boys

This web series is one of the most popular web series. Three boys named Chomu, Chuchu and Gagan are still virgins and are struggling for materialistic pleasures. Must watch this series to enjoy their highly thrilling journey of sexual fulfillment. This web series stars Marina Kunwar and Sarika Raghava as lead actresses.

Virgin Boys Ullu Web Series

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Kavita Bhabhi

India’s largest online streaming platform has released a Hindi erotic web series “Kavita Bhabhi”. This web series has 8 episodes and each episode has a different story. Kavita Bhabhi is an erotic adult web series that draws inspiration from the successful comic, Savita Bhabhi. And she likes her neighbor Avinash very much and revolves around him all day long, Kavita does her business giving men a pleasant experience during phone consultations.

Kavita Bhabhi Ullu Web Seriers


Julieā€ is a web series in drama and romance genre, Julie works as a nurse in a hospital and a man named Mahinder works in the same hospital who is madly in love with Julie and his madness increases day by day when When a paranoid lover begins to relentlessly pursue Julie, her simple life is thrown into a tizzy by mysterious events. Will Julie survive these unethical and corrupt schemes? This series promises to surprise you.

Hot Web series List


Rajaram is a struggling writer who is branded boring and humiliated by publishers when they tell him that he will never find any readers. Disheartened Rajaram talks to his best friend and decides to write about people’s fantasies and his first hit character is born. With this first character and book, another person is born in the form of Mastram, a writer who brings sultry characters to entertain the masses. In this web series, you will get a new adventure every time, which will make your sexual desires fun.

Ullu Hot Web Series List


The story of this web series revolves around a young man who works as a watchman in a flat. The story takes a turn when the watchman befriends 3 beautiful women, Tanu, Chhaya and Mamta who live in the same flat. Two of them keep distance from him but Mamta takes full interest in him, now what happens next, you must watch this web series which will entertain you a lot.

Watchman Hot Ullu Web Series

Matakni ke Matke

Matkani Ke Matke is a bold-drama web series. Its story revolves around a beautiful village girl ‘Matkani’. She is troubled by the strange behavior of people around her as the villagers suspect her because of her beauty. What is the real issue after all? Then something interesting happens that changes the entire story of the web series. To know what happens next, must watch this hot and bold web series.

Matakni Ke Matke

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